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How It All Began

Founded in mid-2015, the 11 Meats boutique meat products shop is the result of mutual respect, trust, understanding and professionalism between its founders, which were earned in more than 17 year of professional experience in the culinary and restaurant business. We have not only managed to advance ourselves as professionals in the food processing industry, but we have also pooled our knowledge and skills together, all in the name of building a brand known for offering premium products on a global level.


How We Got Here

Our Experience
Specialization abroad

England, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Czech Republic.

Experience in elite restaurants

Roca Moo – Barcelona
Noma – Copenhagen
Amass – Copenhagen
Chapter One – London
ChezBruce – London
Sphere Restaurant – Berlin
L`Astrance – Paris

Prizes in national and international competitions

Restaurant of the Year (2010)

Debut of the Year (2011)

First place in the elite Bocuse D`or competition – national round (2012)

All this is just a part of the professional path we have travelled so far. Our many years of work in famous restaurant and hotel chains in Bulgaria and Europe, as well as the positions we have held as head chefs and food technologists, have helped us find the right formula for success – consistency, quality and unique taste.



The Result

11 Meats is a boutique meat-processing shop that operates in accordance with globally recognized standards and regulatory requirements for health and safety in food production, including ISO 22000 and ISO 9001. Our company is specialized in the processing of meat products using the special sous-vide technique and the provision of subsequent services to professional kitchens in hotels and restaurants.

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Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to facilitate the working process in the restaurant business and enhance the quality of food offered in restaurants. Thanks to our professionalism, we can guarantee the same quality in every batch of our products, which you use to prepare your meals, quick delivery to the end consumer and, most important of all, consistency of the end product. 11 Meats products are also suitable for preparation in a home setting.

11 Meats products are extremely quick to prepare as they have already undergone basic seasoning and low-temperature cooking in a vacuum bag. You then have the complete freedom to use your imagination to combine our meat products with various sauces and garnishes. Our products possess a taste that allows their subsequent combination and preparation according to different recipes and culinary techniques.

These days, due to the big turnover of staff and the shortage of skilled professionals in the industry, the working process in kitchens is extremely complicated. However, our products can even be prepared by employees who do not have specific culinary skills. All this is possible because the meat speciality has already been precooked by us and its consequent transformation into a meal fit to be served to customers is extremely quick and easy.