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In Short

About Sous-Vide

This innovative cooking technology was invented several decades ago and word of it has since spread around the world, making it a global phenomenon.

Creator of Sous-Vide Cooking

Georges Pralus is considered the inventor of the sous-vide method.

The Discovery

In 1974, while cooking fois gras in vacuum, he realized that it retained its original form, did not lose its fats and had a better texture.

The Future

In addition to Pralus, many other renowned chefs around the world found that the final result was far better not just aesthetically, but also in terms of taste. The loss of less fat gave the meals a hitherto-unknown nuanced flavour. Thus, it is not surprising that the popularity of the sous-vide method quickly gathered pace and made its way into the kitchens of many established chefs and connoisseurs of tasty and healthy food around the world.



Sous-Vide Technique

In traditional cooking techniques, water boils at 100° С. However, food products contain some healthy elements which are broken down by heat, i.e. they are sensitive to heat, for example vitamins and some proteins.

Vacuuming the Products

The vacuuming of meat products in polyethylene bags helps preserve all healthy substances in the product. During vacuuming, the oxygen is pumped out of the bag – its presence may cause oxidization (change in the molecular structure) or denaturation (loss of the proteins’ nutritious value) of many elements in food products.

Preservation of the Products’ Aromas and Tastes

Preparing foods in vacuum allows the preservation of microelements contained in the products in their original state, both in terms of nutritional properties (vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and taste and aroma. During the meals’ preparation, the vacuum bags prevent the loss of moisture and juices from the products, as well as of the volatile constituents.

Advantages of vacuuming

The vacuuming method protects food from the impact of high temperatures, which change the colour, aroma, taste, weight and assimilation of food products. Another advantage is that this method allows the production of greater quantities of semi-finished products in stricter compliance with food safety requirements throughout the process of preparing and storing the product.

The Advantages of

Our Products

The most important thing to us is for our customers to feel pleasure when consuming food, so we, at 11 Meats, do not compromise on our products. Our desire to create something healthy for our customers motivated us to partner up with one of the largest meat product producers in the world.

    • 11 Meats products retain their aromas and juices and do not lose any of their mass;
    • 11 Meats products retain their vitamins and fats;
    • The sous-vide method helps us achieve a more delicate and tender consistency in our products;
    • With our products, you can make savings of 20-28% in the power consumed compared with traditional cooking methods;
    • The sous-vide method does not allow our products to lose their water content and become dry;

    • The sous-vide technique stops the oxidization of the lipids in our products, as a result of which the growth of bacteria is prevented and the products end up with a longer shelf life;
    • You save around 30-40% of your spices;
    • With 11 Meats products, you will achieve better management of the process in the kitchen and, last but not least, save the staff a lot of time.